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2501 W. 84th St.
Bloomington, MN 55431
Phone: 952-888-4777


Northwestern Health Sciences University is located in the vibrant Twin Cities of Minnesota. Situated in Bloomington, a safe, family-oriented suburb of Minneapolis, you’ll have access to plenty of fun activities just minutes from campus. Northwestern is nestled among single family homes, apartments, and shopping areas. In addition, National Night Out, neighborhood watch groups, and an extremely low crime rate keep it a safe and comfortable place to live.

Campus setting – City

Student housing available – No

Program and Philosophy

The Doctor of Chiropractic curriculum is comprised of 84 course offerings, organized by eight academic and clinical departments. The sequence provides a strong basic science basis upon which the chiropractic and clinical sciences are built. The program lasts 10 trimesters (seven 15-week and three 17-week trimesters) and completion time is typically 3½ years. NHSU embraces multiple approaches to managing health and disease while emphasizing critical thinking, so you can develop your own philosophy of care.

Other academic programs offered:

  • Master of Acupuncture
  • Master of Oriental Medicine
  • Bachelor of Science in Human Biology degree completion
  • Bachelor of Science in Human Biology degree completion
  • Certificate in Massage Therapy


Full time faculty – 71

Part time faculty – 57

Student Body

Total student population – 798 (568 DC students)

Gender Distribution

Student to faculty ratio – 16:1


Application Fee: $50

Early application is recommended. However, we continue to take applications if spots are available. You should have at least half of your prerequisites completed when submitting an application. Starting dates are January and September.

A completed application, a personal essay, three letters of recommendation (references from doctors of chiropractic, science instructors and other healthcare professionals are preferred), and official college transcripts  must be complete to be considered for admission into NHSU’s DC program. A final interview prior to matriculation is also required.


Per TrimesterTuition$9,785
Indirect Costs$7,738
Per Year*Tuition$19,570
Indirect Costs$15,476
Total Cost Tuition$97,850
Indirect Costs$77,380

Default Rate2

Fiscal Year200920082007
Default Rate2.1%0.7%0.3%
Number in default621
Number in repayment280265316

1. Disclaimer: Indirect costs will vary according to each individual’s situation. These costs include, but are not limited to,  fees, room, board, books, transportation, and personal spending.  This estimated cost is taken from the representative school’s website.
2. Default rates are taken from the most current statistics available from the National Center for Education Statistics.
* Per Year is designated as an academic year. Depending on the school’s system, this will be either two semesters, two trimester, or three quarters.

Board Scores

National BoardsTermTestedPassed% PassedNational AvgDifference
Part IFall 2011413380.49%73.96%+6.52%
Spring 20111028886.27%74.77%+11.50%
Fall 2010473982.98%73.59%+9.39%
Spring 20101078579.44%73.99%+5.45%
2 Year Total29724582.49%74.12%+8.37%
Part IIFall 20111007979.00%73.72%+5.28%
Spring 2011503876.00%72.92%+3.08%
Fall 2010988182.65%70.85%+11.81%
Spring 2010936569.89%73.58%-3.69%
2 Year Total34126377.13%72.79%+4.34%
Part IIIFall 2011362980.56%80.23%+0.33%
Spring 20111079386.92%82.33%+4.59%
Fall 2010735068.49%80.32%-11.83%
Spring 20101037471.84%81.84%+10.00%
2 Year Total31924677.12%81.28%-4.16%
Part IVFall 2011383489.47%90.68%-1.21%
Spring 20111039794.17%86.60%+7.57%
Fall 2010847285.71%87.70%-1.98%
Spring 2010948590.43%89.73%+0.70%
2 Year Total31928890.28%88.72%+1.56%
PhysiotherapyFall 2011373697.30%89.26%+8.04%
Spring 201111211098.21%89.57%+8.64%
Fall 2010575494.74%88.44%+6.30%
Spring 201011010797.27%89.57%+7.70%
2 Year Total31630797.15%89.23%+7.92%