Let’s get to the point: we want to do everything we can to help progress this profession into the future. Yes, there are sites out there that do a great job for chiropractic; some of them are continuing to get chiropractic integrated into health care and others are getting big name stars to allow people to see the benefit in what we do. But what we wanted to do here is create a site that’s on the level of chiropractors and the public. There is such a need for our profession to communicate to the public on what we do and how we can help them, especially on the internet. But we also need to communicate with each other as professionals, because, after all, we’re in this together. This is where we want to come in.

Our goal is to help spread ideas to continue to advance our profession as primary spinal care physicians. We need to realize that our voice online and in public is important for our future.  It’s time that we start to take a stand online to produce quality information about chiropractic and to progress our thinking as a profession.

Welcome to The Chiropractic Forum. We hope you enjoy the site.


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